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Design Help for Successful Shielding and Sealing

Finding an EMC gasket solution such as an O-ring is not the only thing to consider in order to ensure optimum shielding/sealing for your unit. There will be many factors which will affect how well the unit is shielded/sealed and we are always available to offer recommendations on how best to do this. Below are some general points to get you started:

•IP67+ requirements should have a minimum of 50mm fixing space (centre to centre)•
•Cover should be thick enough to combat bowing•
•Corrosion potential should be given careful consideration•
•A review of potential contaminants is necessary to ensure the correct material is used•
•Solid sections should not be compressed more than 35%•

•The thinnest extrudable wall section is 0.35mm, but material choice will be reduced as our range of softer materials cannot be used•
•When sealing to IP67+, jointing of the product will be necessary to achieve requirement•
•Grooves should be designed to avoid over compression of the gasket and groove overfill•
•Developed lengths of O-rings should be calculated by including a maximum stretch of 1.5% to avoid assembly issues •

•Gaskets can be printed direct to hardware covers and units providing they are flat and not higher than 50mm tall•
•A surface finish of 1.60 - 3.20µ should be used on metalwork that is to have a direct print to hardware, to aid bonding•
•Printed gaskets can be entirely backed with conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), if required•

Contact us for further design recommendations.

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