Custom Gaskets

Custom Made to Your Own Design Specification

Utilizing a unique process of screen-printing conductive silicones, T.C. Shielding have the ability to manufacture custom made flat EMC gaskets, whilst reducing cost due to minimization of waste.  Another advantage of our printing technology is the possibility to print your gasket design directly onto your hardware.  This will save countless time in assembly and eliminate the risk of gaskets being damaged by handling, especially with large or very thin gasket designs.

•Capability for punched gaskets up to 550mm square•
•Ability to print direct to hardware providing it has a flat surface and can withstand 200°c•
•Raised bead technology reduces load required to compress gaskets•
•Available with conductive adhesive backing •
•Sealing up to IP65•
•Gasket thickness up to 1.5mm•

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