Conductive Sub 'D' Connector Gaskets

Sub 'D' and Miniature Sub 'D' Connector Gaskets

Using our versatile printing technology, T.C.Shielding are tooled to manufacture a standard range of Sub 'D' connector conductive gaskets.  Shell sizes 1 to 5 are all tooled and readily available in a variety of conductive silicone materials.  In addition to this, our printing technology allows for them to be printed in any thickness from 0.35mm to 1.50mm thick, giving you that extra flexibility, should your design require it.

•Pure print method reduces cost and offers more thickness choice at no extra tooling cost•
•Gasket sizes to suit 9 to 50 pin connector flange mounted bodies•
•Available in a wide variety of conductive elastomers•
•Reduced cost as the need for a punching process is eliminated•

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